Monday, July 16, 2018
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Funny Things Nigerian Aunties and Uncles Do


When you visit any Nigerian home, it is very common to find an uncle or aunty living the family and helping to take care of the kids and some other household chores. We’ve listed below, some of the things that make being an aunt/uncle fun.

Why the Lion Gave the Goat the Beating of His Life – A Fun Jungle Story


First off, this is not the story of the lion who thought he was a Goat. The Goat in this story gave the lion the run of its life.

Funny Ways to Treat Your Ex-lover


A love relationship is for the rich, no woman wants to place her head on a broke man’s chest when the heart is beating “Debt Debt Debt”… and no man wants to be in a ship that is not moving which is some of the reasons while we have so many ex-cases.

Funny Lifestyle of Lazy Nigerian Youths

Sometime in April 2018, President Buhari said Nigerian youths are lazy and uneducated. Now we want to categorically Transmission their funny lifestyle.

Eid Mubarak – Let The Good Deeds Continue

Happy Eid al-Fitr to Nigerians and especially the Muslim Ummah, the Fast is over, let the good deeds continue and may GOD bless and prosper us.

Funny Things About Most Nigerian Guys


Lot of people requested for a follow up to the Funny Things About Some Nigerian Girls so we’re here with the funny things most Nigerian guys. Its so hilarious! 🤡

Men Can Be Wicked! (Akpos And Wife Joke)


Don’t argue with men. Men can turn a case around and make you look like the offender who needs to be cautioned.

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See How This Igbo Man Got The Police To Do Their Job Quickly Without Any Excuse


Sense will not kill this Igbo man! Nigerian police are among the best peacekeepers in the world, but the slap if on there face when it comes to timely response to armed robbery cases.

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