Some Good Old Days In Nigeria (True Love and Drinking Garri)


A story of true love ❤️ playing out in the golden days of Nigeria. Back then, public display of affection is frowned at, lovers can only be seen very close in the open daylight only when a marriage proposal has been sent by the man’s family to the lady’s family.

The lovebirds in the photo above are playing a local tick tack game called suw which is very popular among people from the western parts of Nigeria.

Drinking Garri

This food-drink called garri is very stable and has full geolocation access enabled across Nigeria. You’re not a Nigerian until you have drank garri

Drinking Garri has supported for many people (Some of whom are successful billionaires today) by helping them to stay alright and survive the dark nights when no one believed in their dreams.

Laugh Bites

A group of men gathered at a church conference on how to live in a loving relationship with their wives.

The organizers of the conference asked if they love their wives and they all said yes.

they asked about the last time the men told their wives they love them, Some said today, others yesterday, but the majority of them could not remember when last they told their wife they love them.

All men were instructed to send an SMS with t “I love you” to their wives then exchange phones to see how their wives will react to the SMS.

Here are some of the replies:

  1. Have you impregnated someone again?
  2. That was then, not now.
  3. What do you want?
  4. What have you done again?
  5. Meaning?
  6. Is that a new song?
  7. Am I dreaming
  8. Have you started drinking again?
  9. Prove it

Guys! If she asks you for money for Brazilian hair, tell her to sing Brazilian anthem for you first… don’t waste your money for nothing!

Sister, if you are ugly you are ugly, which one is “if I baff and dress up with make-up… you no go sabi me again?

Akpos the Big Fool

Akpos was having an argument with his Wife.

She called him a fool, he got angry and said she must leave his house for calling him a fool.

After a series of interventions by their Neighbours, Akpos forgave her but she continued to nurse the anger.

The next day, at midnight, it began to rain heavily to the extent Akpos caught cold and wanted to perform his manly duty.

Akpos sneaked his hands to touch his wife’s laps in the dark, his wife shouted, “who is that fool?”

Akpos replied, “It is me!”

Nigeria in Rusia 2018 World Cup

After the Nigerian national lost to Croatia in the 2018 World Cup group stage match, most Nigerian Players were ashamed of their failure and began to hide their identies

Victor Moses dressed like a monk. While walking on the streets of Moscow in Russia, suddenly an old lady walked up to him and said: “Hi Moses!”

Amazed and angry that an old lady had recognized him, he went back and dressed as a Muslim girl, covering his whole face leaving only the eyes. Again he bumped into the same old lady and she said: “Moses, nice meeting you again!”

Confused and puzzled he asked,”But how did you recognize me?” The old lady laughed out loud and said: “It’s me Iwobi”.

Bad luck is when a deaf and dumb lady mistake you to be somebody who has impregnated her, my brother no court in this world can set you free

A guy will spend hours in the gym just to build up his muscle like a wrestler. Then one skinny girl will push him to the bed with just one finger, he will fall and be smiling like a fool…

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