True Love

This is a story of true love ❤️ playing out in the golden old days of Nigeria. Back then, public display of affection is frowned at, lovers can only be seen very close in the open daylight only when a marriage proposal has been sent by the man’s family to the lady’s family.

Since we were not present at the time and location where this photo was taken and we do not have extra information about the lovers in the photo, we will therefore assume that they were betrothed lovers playing a local tick tack game called suwa which is very popular among people from the western parts of Nigeria.

Drinking Garri

Saying that Nigeria’s number 1 stable and geo location full access enabled drink called Garri has been saving Nigerians since 1875 is an understatement 😂.

Most successful Nigerians owe their success to Garri, for being there for them and supporting them when no one believed in their dreams. Oh how we love our Nigerian 🇳🇬 Garri! 💗


There lots of things that bring back memories of the good old days in Nigeria. Some of them like Drinking Gari will continue to be fresh even to our generation yet unborn while others will can only be found in stories of our parents and ancestors.

Which era of Nigeria do you belong to? New or Old? Let us know what memories you enjoy most from the good old days of Nigeria.

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