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Life is designed to be lived in abundance of everything but something went wrong along the way until a saviour came in the person of Jesus Christ and gave humanity back what was lost.

In Christ we constantly enjoy victory, that’s the provision that been made available for us as “New Creations” (Born again) No matter what the situation looks like, just know you won the battle even before it showed up, the holy spirit is ever present to help you.

The enemy will try to deceive you and tell his lies, wrong and evil suggestions in your mind, to overcome him you need to gird up your mind firmly with God’s word and the victory spoken by God in his word will manifest eventually.

You’ll need to study the word of God and know what the word says about the very situation you desire to see a change in.

You’ve to believe the word of God wholeheartedly and eradicate any form of doubt from your mind and speak/confess the word over the circumstances, I can granty you that solutions will manifest because the WORD OF GOD can not FAIL.

I’m E. C. Bethel and I want to help you explore “The Victor In You” so you can live your life to fulfilment with your God given advantage to win!

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Download The Victor In You Ebook By E C Bethel [FREE EBOOK]

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God Bless You

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