Funny Pictures of the Snake Accused of Swallowing 36million Naira JAMB Money

Snake Accused of Swallowing 36 Million Naira Pleads Not Guilty

The green snake 🐍 in a private interrogation with newsmen tried to prove it’s innocents by saying the Cobras and Anacondas should be suspected for the missing 36 million Naira allegation placed on a snake.

“Please direct your suspicions to our elder state men, I don’t even have the power to swallow 360,000 Naira talk less of 36 million Naira.”

The green snake 🐍 was quoted with the above statement as Nigerian all over the world are searching for the money eating snakes.

Somewhere in Nigeria

The community of snakes and rats are now becoming friendly in a strange move to unravel why N36 Million Cash will be kept in a JAMB Office?

Meanwhile, the buzz going round town on social and mass media is that a strange snake have allegedly swallowed 36 Million Naira Cash at a JAMB office somewhere in Nigeria.

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