Memorable Pictures Of Valentine Day Celebrations In Nigeria

Let’s go back to 1965…

We’ve added red 🔴 to this epic turned funny valentine picture to make it look a little modern 😂.

Life has always been fun and Nigerians love to enjoy life as it goes.

This picture is will always be in the memory of Nigerians, to tell us what a happy young and vibrant crowd looks like on the valentine day of 1965.

We Love To Love

The year in this picture is missing. What’s clear is that this two love birds have retired to enjoy themselves together in a game that is legendary to Nigerians at home and abroad.

The love ❤ We All Deserve To Give And Receive

Every valentines day reminds us of how much love there is to share and receive.

Let’s live a lovely life…

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A Little Distraction.

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