Funny Husband (LarryBaba) Jokes

LarryBaba is such a funny husband, he once said he reason why he usually pray after eating is because his wife cooking is so bad. He married such a pretty wife that he went about telling everyone that his wife is pretty ugly…

See some of LarryBaba the funny husband jokes after the cut

LarryBaba’s Wife Dream

LarryBaba’s Wife: “In my dream, we went to a jewelry store and you bought a very expensive diamond ring for me.”

LarryBaba: “Yes, we had the same dream and your father payed the bill.”

LarryBaba’s Wife Want Some Cake

LarryBaba’s Wife: LarryBaby… the weather is lovely today. Shall we go out and have a cake?

LarryBaba: β€œ Oh yeah! I love the way you pronounce β€˜Shall we go out for a quick jog’!

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  1. Lol haba…. women! Women! Women! How many times did I call u people.. okay I think na only una sabi demand abi.
    No bi only cake na juice

  2. Comment: Guyz I just can’t hlp it.
    Larry is a piece of work. Is it possible to hv the same dream,SERIOUSLY! !!! Larry is running away from buyin jewellery fo his wife