Update on the Make Nigeria Laugh Version 1.0 Comedy Challenge

We are committed to being the number one hub for comic relief and good entertainment in Nigeria and we will stop at nothing until we achieve this feet and stay true to it. Below is an update on the version one of our prestigious comedy challenge

We proposed during the introduction of the Make Nigeria Laugh Version 1.0 Comedy Challenge, we were ready to dash out 5,000 Naira to who ever emerged as the winner of the competition.

As much or little as the prize money was, we put in some efforts and money to promote the comedy challenge on various social media platforms and we even contacted some upcoming comedian with an invitation to contest in the challenge. But, the results we received was  far from our expectations.

People were not ready to contest in the Make Nigeria Laugh Version 1.0 Comedy Challenge and it affected our (234 Jam Online Group) morals as a team with the vision of becoming Nigeria’s number one comedy and entertainment hub.

After persuading some persons whom we felt were comedians by nature to participate in the comedy competition, they sent in entries that did not comply to rules of participation in the Make Nigeria Laugh Version 1.0 Comedy Challenge.

We therefore declare the Make Nigeria Laugh Version 1.0 Comedy Challenge a failed mission with this update.

The contest will be re-run at a later time to be announced by the 234 Jam Online Group.

We are hereby requesting the general public to help us with tips and guardians on how we can make the re-run of the comedy contest a successful one. Please leave a helpful comment below on how we can make Nigerians laugh.

It is true that we were disappointed by result of the proposed contest. But, we’re not deterred from achieving our goal of making Nigerians happy no matter the situation or weather.

We’re positive of a more successful comeback.

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