The Political Husbands


A wife complained to her husband about them not going out and eating at the restaurant since they got married, she was also angry that he does not give her money to make her hair or tell her that she’s beautiful anymore.

The husband gave her a very long laugh and replied her saying…

Darling, have you ever seen a politician campaigning after winning an election???


Wife number 2 was angry that her husband could not give up the night life even after their wedding, she feels her husband is a useless man who can’t make a resolution and keep it.

She compared him to their newly wedded neighbor who said he won’t be drinking again and has stopped drinking. And another neighbor who said he won’t go to the club again and has stopped clubbing.

The husband made a resolution not to hangout with friends again.

The wife said, good, at least let us start from somewhere. The man came back from work early and was at home all of the time. One evening, after four weeks of successfully keeping to the resolution, his wife came to him and said she just wanted to let him know that Mr. Larrybaba has started drinking again and Big Charlie has started going to the club again.

不不不不不 What can one do to please women?

If you think life is frustrating… Try eating spaghetti with a rubber spoon, you will know how far when the spaghetti begin form slay queen for you 賅

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