Funny Things About Some Nigerian Girls


Some beautiful Nigerian girls are just so evil… They will fart and be looking at you to the extent you will begin to suspect yourself ☹.

No Nigerian girl is broke or has any pimple on Instagram and Facebook 😂.

There are mostly two thoughts on the minds of Nigerian girls when they want to visit a guy for the first time:

  1. No matter what, I will not have sex with him
  2. Let me shave, just in case


Some Nigerian girls are not humble, they are looking for tall guys with six packs when their fathers are short and potbellied. They don’t want to be humble like their mothers 😂😂😂😂😂.

Dating a Nigerian girl who is a doctor or nurse is not romantic at all, they will be seeing  symptoms of malaria instead love when they look into your eyes 🤣.

The new national anthem of Nigerian girls who want to be faithful side chicks is “you want your girlfriend to beat me?” 😁.

Dating a jealous Nigerian girl is very dangerous and stressful. She will be like “I saw a Lady looking at you, Why did you allow her to see you? 😂

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