Akpos Boards A Plane To Abuja (Very Funny Joke)


Akpos boarded a plane from Lagos to Abuja. He was booked for an economy class seat. Just after the plane took-off, Akpos stood up and went to sit in the first class cabin.

The flight attendant went to ask him to go back and sit in economy class because that’s where his ticket allowed him to sit but he refused. He had paid and wanted the best seat.

The Flight attendant decided to inform the Co-pilot. The Co-pilot went and spoke with Akpoa but he still refused. So, he decided to inform the Chief pilot.

The Chief pilot said, ‘I am married to a fool, I’ll go and talk to him.’

The Chief pilot went and whispered some words into Akpos’s ear and he peacefully stood up and went to his economy class seat.

The Flight Attendant and Co-pilot surprised, asked the Chief pilot: ‘Ma, what did you tell him?’

The Chief Pilot said; “Easy Guys! I just told him that first class is not going to Abuja, only economy class is!”

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