See How This Igbo Man Got The Police To Do Their Job Quickly Without Any Excuse


Sense will not kill this Igbo man! Nigerian police are among the best peacekeepers in the world, but the slap if on there face when it comes to timely response to armed robbery cases.

The Nigerian Police are good at giving excusses when it comes to responding to crime cases especially when it has to do with arm robbery. But you can’t totally blame them because they are mostly out-gunned and badly equipped.

With the knowledge of how the Nigerian Police Force operates, this Igbo man decided to call the police and tell them and instead of telling the police that robbers were operating in his compound, he said Yahoo Boys (the queen bees of the Nigerian Police) were dragging out bags with loads of cash…

😱😲😳 In less than 5 minutes the Police have arrived to face the truth for themselves 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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