Funny Lifestyle of Lazy Nigerian Youths


Sometime in April 2018, President Buhari said Nigerian youths are lazy and uneducated. Now we want to categorically Transmission their funny lifestyle.

Group 1: The official Lazy Nigerian Youths

This group of people have made bet 9ja their personal sponsor. No matter how much ticket cut, Bet 9ja must pay!

Here you’ll find guys that will be calling their girlfriends queen but when the queen asks for 10k the kingdom will scatter and the King will run away!

They are the reason while someone cannot eat full corn again in Nigeria, they must always find you where ever you are to break your corn into two!

These group of lazy Nigerian youths are very helpful. They are the one that would go to play with their neighbour’s children whenever the neighbour is cooking anything that has the aroma of jollof rice or fried plantain.

Members of this group are not completely useless, in most cases, they are used as “bad example”. 😂

Group 2: The un-official Lazy Nigerian Youths

This is the group of lazy Nigerian youths that do not believe they are lazy.

They will be unemployed but they will be wearing a suit and carrying a briefcase up and down to confuse their village people.

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  1. Lol… Talking about being lazy? Do you ever type something wrong for autocorrect to correct you? I like this post. Very funny

  2. Hahahaha… The corn joke gets me every giving time… As for those going to play with their neighbours children because of rice.. That’s longthroat.. Hahahaha