Funny Ways to Treat Your Ex-lover


A love relationship is for the rich, no woman wants to place her head on a broke man’s chest when the heart is beating “Debt Debt Debt”… and no man wants to be in a ship that is not moving which is some of the reasons while we have so many ex-cases.

An ex is an ex! Except you’re considering to do a welcome back. But mind you, whenever an ex is trying to reconnect, just know that life is hard on the other side. 😕

This post is not for those who want to do welcome back, it is for the pepper them gang. 😡

How to Pepper Your Ex Level One (fun) 🤩

When you’re sure you want to remain on the pepper them gang ex-team, and you see him/her having fun with friends, just send him/her a text that says “Not even Isaac Newton can understand the gravity of your stupidity. Look at you now!”

Level Two (emotional) 🤩

If he/she works in a pharmacy, whenever you want to spoil their mood just go there and buy some pack of condoms for no reason.

Level Three (heartless)🤩

When you see that ex that hurt you so much in town, just point at him/her and shout “Thief thief!!” God will handle the rest. 😳

Stay with us for more jokes and fun entertainment! 🤣


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  1. Hahahaha…. See savagery at d higest level… Mehnnn d number three is just… Hahahaha… Number two is hilarious… Hahahaha i can’t stop laughing