Funny Things Nigerian Aunties and Uncles Do


When you visit any Nigerian home, it is very common to find an uncle or aunty living the family and helping to take care of the kids and some other household chores. We’ve listed below, some of the things that make being an aunt/uncle fun.

They will be nice to you in front of your parents and beat the heck out of you the moment your parents leave home for any reason.

They will act like they can’t hurt you when parents are still in the house but as soon as they leave, it is like Hitler just emerged from the dead. they will make you serve one punishment upon another, and there’s nothing you could do about it.

They will take the remote when you are watching your favorite channel and switches it to something they know clearly that you hate to watch. Except you want to sleep as a punishment, you would kindly watch it with them without complaining.

They will eat your meat, drink your juice and still threaten you (with that face) then pet you not to cry.

When they finally get a very good job and move out of your parent’s house, that is when you begin to miss every bit of their trouble. 😀

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  1. Hahahaha… So true.. Although mine, i don’t miss her one bit.. She was not only Hitler, female version, she was sadam n Osama plus shekau… Chai… Hahahaha.. Its funny now.. But it wasn’t den o