House of Fun Comedy is the first premium WhatsApp group in Nigeria. The group is regularly updated with short funny jokes to help members happy and it cost only ₦100 per month.

Below is an example of a typical morning in the House of Fun Comedy Group

6:45 AM: If you are happy in your relationship, trust me, my sister, you are a side chick. Main chicks never sleep in peace… 😂

6:55 AM: Am sitting next to my crush in a bus right now, please somebody should call me, I want to speak English. 😂

7:05 AM: I asked my new girlfriend what sort of books she’s interested. She said – Cheque books. 😂

7:15 AM: Calling someone “ugly” is quite rude. Instead of that, you can just say “You are not physically convincing” 😂

7:30 AM: Most girls do not answer video calls after 8 PM Because there face has been restored to factory setting 😏

8:00 AM: In Nigeria, when Light Sparks, the First thing we do is to smell our Charger. 😂

8:40 AM: I saw two blind people fighting, I shouted “I’m supporting the one with the knife!” they both ran away. 😂

Get unlimited jokes as e dey hot for only ₦100 per month! Click on this link to join the group on a 3 days free trial.

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