7 Funny Jokes to Make Anyone laugh in less than 60 seconds


Laughing Alert! This collection of some the most hilarious jokes from the House of Fun Comedy is guaranteed to make even Mr. President laugh.

1. I haven’t been myself since yesterday when I heard my neighbor’s son saying; capital latter 1 small latter 1, Capital latter 2 Small latter 2.

2. I don’t know the spirit that comes with bottled water, whenever Nigerians buy it, they start behaving like they are the richest people on earth.

3. Dear girlfriend, if your boyfriend is 10 years older than you… Please call him Uncle boo or Sir baby.

4. This morning, my neighbor bought Gucci sneakers worth 80k, now he’s begging me to give him onions. Let him go and fry his shoelaces.

5. Every girl has two boyfriends, the one she is deceiving and the one that is deceiving her.

6. I miss those days when my primary school teacher used to force me to sit between two girls…

7. I lost 20 thousand Naira today, it’s not the money that is paining me oh, is the rubber ring that I used to tie that is paining me.

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