Monday, July 16, 2018
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Akpos Boards A Plane To Abuja (Very Funny Joke)


Akpos boarded a plane from Lagos to Abuja. He was booked for an economy class seat. Just after the plane took-off, Akpos stood up and went to sit in the first class cabin.

Very Funny Ugo Jesse Comic Cartoons


Considered the greatest digital cartoonist in Nigeria by many, Ugo Jesse‘ philosophical comics greatly features the idea of love, respect and service. He sends a clear message mixed with emotional humor when addressing societal and political issues. This art has won him the love and admiration of many Nigerians and the international community.

How Most Nigerians Will React If You Owe Them Money For A Long Time And This Happens To You


Nigerians are awesome people! In the spirit of the happy new month, our Chief Editor (Onyeukwu Charles) narrated a scenario to some of his contacts on WhatsApp and the response he got was more than funny.

The Igbo Taxi Driver and the Naked Lady


A naked lady ran into the taxi of an Igbo man and told him where she want him to take her to. The lgbo man did not start the car, instead he was seriously staring at the naked lady over and over again.

Funny Things About Some Nigerian Girls


Some beautiful Nigerian girls are just so evil… They will fart and be looking at you to the extent you will begin to suspect yourself ☹.

Kabiru’s New Toyota Camry that’s got the Night Mode


A man from Daura area in Katsina State, Nigeria called Kabiru recently bought a new Toyota Camry car (automatic).

Funny Nigerian Jokes


A teacher in Warri, Delta State, Nigeria asked his students to write the 3 most deadly diseases in the world. One of her student wrote:

Recipe for a Long Life


A little boy was traveling by bus from the village to the city and was eating chocolates, he ate nine chocolates in a row non-stop. A man sitting next to him cautioned him that eating too much of chocolate could damage his teeth…

The Political Husbands


A wife complained to her husband about them not going out and eating at the restaurant since they got married, she was also angry that he does not give her money to make her hair or tell her that she’s beautiful anymore.

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