Thursday, November 15, 2018
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5 Cartoons About Couple’s Daily Life by Ugo Jesse That Perfectly Sum Up What Every Enduring and Happy Relationship Is Like


True love is the sweetest of all the sweet things in the world! It is coated with truth and selfless sacrifices. And Lagos-based Nigerian Cartoonist Ugo Jesse knows how to capture these moments in his illustrations.

5 Ways For Men To Be Happy


We have found the secret to men’s happiness and we’ll reveal it in less than 60 seconds! Check out the details in 5 ways for men to be happy!

Funny Picture of Lady Who is Confused About Why She Did Not Get A Fat Ass


A young lady has taken to Twitter to ask God why she didn’t get a big fat ass.

See details after the cut

Shocking – See What A Guy Did To A Girl Because She Refused To Give Him Her Phone Number


Call it extreme joke and you will not be far from the truth. That’s if it can ever be classified as a joke in the first place.  Scroll down after the cut to see the picture of what the guy did to the lady because she refused to give him her number

Funny Husband (LarryBaba) Jokes


LarryBaba is such a funny husband, he once said he reason why he usually pray after eating is because his wife cooking is so bad. He married such a pretty wife that he went about telling everyone that his wife is pretty ugly…

See some of LarryBaba the funny husband jokes after the cut

Funny Little Charlie Jokes


Oh yeah, that’s the new cool for asking when someone is trying to burst your brain with funny jokes. And yeah… we’re all out to kidney you with our collections of the funniest Little Charlie jokes.

Funny Jokes That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud


Little Charlie Gets Stupid With Teacher (Part 1)

Little Charlie’s teacher was looking for the “stupid persons” in class. The teacher asked if “anyone who thinks he’s stupid to stand up!” Everyone stays down but Little Charlie makes a heroic move to show solidarity with his teacher in the next picture below

Memorable Pictures Of Valentine Day Celebrations In Nigeria


Let’s go back to 1965…

We’ve added red 🔴 to this epic turned funny valentine picture to make it look a little modern 😂.

Funny Pictures of the Snake Accused of Swallowing 36million Naira JAMB Money


Snake Accused of Swallowing 36 Million Naira Pleads Not Guilty

The green snake 🐍 in a private interrogation with newsmen tried to prove it’s innocents by saying the Cobras and Anacondas should be suspected for the missing 36 million Naira allegation placed on a snake.

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