Saturday, October 20, 2018
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Funny Pictures to make you fall in love With pizza this valentine!


Pizza Is Life!

A box of pizza makes the love go round. What better way can you share the love with friends and family if not over a box of pizza?

Funny Pictures of Monday Madness


Monday Morning Greeting Face

The face you make when someone asks you if you slept well on Monday morning.

Funny Pictures of How Corruption Started in Nigeria


This Is How Corruption Started In Nigeria

Funny but true, most of us can relate with the drama playing out here.

Entrepreneurs Are Very Funny People


Entrepreneurship is a mindset

They crate the future and live in it on their imagination long before anyone comes on board.

Stay Safe While You TGIF


TGIF Safety Check ✅

However you’re planing to celebrate this Friday, make sure to be safe because that’s the only way you can get to see what’s up for next Friday.

Pepper Dem Hips


Hips don’t lie 🤥

Real hips were made to blow the trumpets of their owner as a proof of being naturally endowed.

The sight of a naturally endowed hip gives some kind of joy to mind of viewer, it is these chemical reactions of the mind be a true hip that has driven many girls to go about town with fake hips that sometimes get them into embarrassing moments like seen in the picture above.

Funny True 😂

The guy is his own boss and grinding.

He’s got peppers all over his Bugatti machine.

Don’t laugh alone. Share the fun!

Too Much Money: See How Some Rich People Enjoy Life In Nigeria


Exclusive Party 🍾

The real Nigerian boss loves to celebrate new milestones achieved by honoring themselves with assorted Nigerian delicacies that are not on the regular especially for people in their class and status.

Some of the Most Funny Things Nigerian Kids Do


OMG! Where will this child get the energy to meltdown this mountain of garri? We all need the energy that comes eating garri (eba) but this is more funny than true 😂

How Nigerians React While Discussing


The post describes how most Nigerians behave while interacting with each other. The above image describes someone who is trying so hard to plug into what the inspirational speaker is saying, but the speaker is focused on using big grammars that are disconnecting the server connections of the listener from the brain.

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